Friday, August 1, 2014

Does this still work...

...Why yes, it seems that it does! The updates here are few and far between (last post April 2013?!?!?) and the last update to the app was August 27, 2013?!?!!?  G+ posts have only been slightly better with the last one back in February.  I honestly should do another "State of the App" type post, but my time for today is limited.  So the short version of what happened goes like this (Starting in February):

  • Re-write started using Android Studio
  • Problems with Android studio kept development to a snail's pace
  • Something Super Crazy AWESOME happened
  • 100% of my time got devoted to that super crazy awesome thing
  • The super crazy awesome thing didn't pan out
  • Little bit of depression
  • The World Cup
  • Re-re-write started in eclipse and I've been addressing GUI changes
That brings us to Monday when I got an email about the app selector not working for the MP3 button.  This feature has been a pain in my butt since day one and I've gone though many different methods for picking a music app and I'm hoping that I've got one that works...

Also, Galaxy S5 users don't have a menu button any more, so they couldn't access the menu (there's a back door method), but I figured I should also add an on screen button.  That's what the colon in the upper right side is for.

I have been working on Desk Clock Plus V2 and hopefully I be able to share a rough screen shot shortly.

Thanks for your support and patience.