Android Apps Privacy Policy

DevBob droidWare Privacy Policy

This policy is in effect for any app published by Bob Mueser last updated 2/7/17.  

Google has required me to provide a Privacy Policy as the Android apps I have written do use a number of permissions that might make a user wonder what I'm doing.  These permissions include but are not limited to:

  • Access to images on the device
  • Access to installed apps on the device
  • List of user accounts
  • Enable / Disable lock screen
I don't care or want any information about you, your device, etc.  Any time a permission was invoked for an app, it was used to accomplish a specific task or function of the app.  At no time has any information ever been sent from an app I created to me or any other 3rd party (despite a number propositions for me to do so).  I don't have your information, I don't want your information and I plan to keep it that way.

I wrote these applications for me as they helped me use my devices in a way that didn't exist or didn't work how I wanted them to, so I wrote them for me and published them for the greater good of the Android ecosystem.  My intent wasn't to make money.  These apps as distributed by me via the Google Play Store will not do evil things with your information.