Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello IT...

While I do prefer that user's email me with issues, I do keep an eye on the comments for bugs and feature requests.  About two weeks ago this was posted:
Not working getting error "Update Location…"
I really didn't think too much about it as there wasn't much to think about (due to the lack of information) other than the XML string issue.  Although later that week I got another similar comment:
No longer works "Updating location" then won't open :( ... Droid Bionic
This started to raise some red flags.  I even got an email from a user who had helped with with issues previously asking about known issues.  I checked the error logs and  there was nothing... I couldn't think of what I would have changed that would cause any kind of problem like this.  Then on Saturday I understood exactly what both of these users were talking about.  I plugged my phone it to the wall outlet and turned on Desk Clock Plus manually.  After touching the icon, nothing happened and then I got the toast message "Updating location..." and then Forced Closed.  I tried it again and still nothing... I pulled a magnet off the fridge and found the magnetic dock switch (which worked).  I tried to think of what was wrong and what I could do and I thought rolling back to version 18.  After some WTF moments, I drew on my years of IT support and all of my learning from my advanced technical degrees.  I turned the phone off and on again...

Yes, that did resolve the problem.  What burns me though, is that it did fix it.  I was under the impression that things like this shouldn't happen in the *NIX environment (Android is based on the Linux kernel and keep in mind I'm not a Linux/UNIX guy).  The only thing I can think of is that the SD card was in some odd state or something as I know that other users have had issues with the themes not working.