Tuesday, April 3, 2012

It's been rough...

Since March 13, I've had make a number of releases, sadly only one was a new feature, so just to make a quick refresher of what's been fixed:

  • -- Brought a fix for the application not launching when it was not in a dock (the details were in the last post)
  • -- This was the release of the tablet mode feature (details also in the last post).
  • -- A number of code "fixes"
    • I spent some time with the theme down loader.  This is a good example of me not knowing what I was doing when I wrote it (not that I completely know what I'm doing now).  
      • I moved some code out into threads to avoid Application Not Responding reports 
      • I made some changes to how the dialogs were handled
      • I also localized some strings (I am working on getting everything localized)
    • I also got a report of an infinite spinning dialog when loading the album list which lead me to redo how I did the dialogs for the preference window (making things uniform with the theme down loader)
    • I also fixed the dialogs with slide show (another source of crash logs)
  • -- My changes to the preferences caused a problem with the color picker which resulted in quick release.
  • -- Fixed a problem with the themes loading incorrectly.  Which was pretty much there since the release of the tablet mode release.  The problem (for non scrolling dock users) would cause an icon to be loaded into the dock background instead of it's proper place.  The problem was just some really hard to read code and not being able to flush out all the situations where to use the tablet mode dock background vs the regular dock background.  There were some misorginized parentheses as well.
That should bring us to where we are now... What looks to be a pretty stable release that I can start to build on again.  The stabilization of the code shows in the stats that Google provides me.  Since the release of version I've gained about 100 users in 5 days, and previous to that the amount of active installs stayed pretty level and looking back to the releases that had issues, there were points that I lost users.

I am hopefully going to start on something new here soon and that and that will include two other minor fixes.  One of which is upgrading the PayPal SDK.  It's very frustrating to get error logs and they are related to some random issue with the PayPal code that I don't have control over.