Monday, May 23, 2011


Over the weekend at some point Desk Clock Plus reached the next plateau in the Android Market, over 10,000 downloads since I first released it mid December.  Obviously, that's not 'Angry Birds' type numbers, but it still it averages out to be about 55 downloads a day or about 1600 per month.  It's still kind of crazy to me that many people have tried out my app and 2000+ have it installed on their device. 

Just some quick notes about the last couple of updates:
  • Re-sized the "night clock" for tablet devices, the font size should be the same as when it's in landscape mode.
    • Apparently the colon color wasn't being set either... 
  • Updated PayPal API after it caused a Force Close.
  • After I re-localized the strings, I introduced a string bug that caused force closes on non-English devices (Désolé pour ça!)
  • I'm also now doing some more work to verify that I have the correct intent when the music application is set, this came to light with the Google Music 3.0 launch.
  • Andrew C. sent me screen shot of Desk Clock Plus on his Galaxy Tab and there was some screen layout issues.  The portrait view I know is fixed, I made some other changes to the landscape view, but I haven't been able to verify them, so please email me if your display is messed up for a 'large' tablet device.
  • Gary M. requested that the weather not show NA when no weather info can be found.  This is an issue for him as he said: "I'm on holiday with no internet access".  The first thing I thought of was "a holiday with no internet access... that sounds really good right now!"
  • Finally, there's an extra permission request for the Fine location (GPS).  I did this to increase the chance that I could find your location for the weather without having to resort to the IP address which is rather in accurate.
I don't think there's going to be very many if any updates for a while.  I'm going to be working on some in-app paid extensions, but more about that at a later time.

Thanks again to everyone who has downloaded and uses Desk Clock Plus!