Monday, October 3, 2011

Major Release on the horizon...

Since May 23rd, updates for Desk Clock plus have been few and far apart (about 4 or 5 in those 5 months).  In that time, I've been working on a pretty major redesign of the main screen.  I haven't changed the look of the application all that much, but the underlying layout has changed a lot which will allow me to add new features quickly and easily.  It's also allowed me to shrink the size of the APK file by 300K or more.

The big feature is the ability to configure the dock (the five icons on the bottom of the screen).  You will soon be able to add more docks (swiping left and right) and add your own applications.  This however will will be an in-app-purchase to enable this new feature.  The in-app-purchase code was truly what had delayed the release of this version.  However, now that's been worked out, I should be able to add more in-app-purchases easily.

I'm happy with the in-app-purchase system that Google has provided (now that it's working).  I feel that it allows me to provide a free basic application for anyone to use and provide additional features for those people willing to pay for them.  I'm not looking to get rich and retire to the beach, but a little extra cash for beer money would be nice.

I also have a list of stack traces that I need to look at (force close and application not responding reports).  I'm not getting a ton of these, but I'm about 2-4 per week, so they need to be addressed.  For the most part it's better error catching for image loading (out of memory, image memory already cleared, etc).

As of 10-3-11 there are 19 Stack traces to look into...

If you happen to notice any other oddities or bugs, leave a comment!