Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Fixin' Bugs

I've kept a close eye on the Android Application Error logs to figure out where the problems are and fix everything as quickly as possible.  As I eluded to on Monday when I first released version 1.0 there was a lot of code churn and as I stated on the Market page:

There were a large number of changes for this release.  If you have problems please help me by emailing me so I can help you!
I've been working with a number of users to identify the bugs and Johannes in Austria I was able to identify a pretty nasty force close bug and get an update to the market later that day.  He was also helpful in tracking down another issue with updating the number of docks from the preference screen.  I was also happy to get comments (cause that means that someone is actually reading this) from two users in Monday's release post (and my reply is in there as well).  There's those two ways of contacting me and I'm probably going to break down and setup a Twitter account and start using Google+ when things settle down.   Leaving a comment like... Oh I don't know... something like "Update sux Update is full of bugs" (Ahem Lacy*) that doesn't do any good and makes me go all ranty.   Bob S thank you for driving home the idea that if leave me a comment things get fixed!

Here's the list of thing that I have fixed in version
  • Force Close on start / orientation change - This was actually fixed late Monday in version and it must have done the trick as all the force close reports that have come in and are still coming in are from version 1.0  This was basically a Layout redraw issue, it was trying to set the dock buttons, but due to a layout reload the button was there.
  • Force Close when changing dock count - This one was caused by me doing VB for work and then Java at lunch...slight differences in the languages and how they work.
  • 24 Hour AM/PM - Regardless of the setting the AM/PM was always being set to visible.
  • Plugged-in Indicator - Same as above the indicator was always on
  • Heartbeat transition - This got lost in the GUI redesign and now fades in and out like before.
  • Disable Heartbeat - Ummm... yea didn't put the code in to do this... I found it when I was looking at the transition.  
  •  Weather Issues - I've had a couple emails about the weather not working.  From what it sounds like it's having a problem getting the location to find the weather.  I looked at the code and it's exactly the same as the previous version.  However, there were some differences with the permissions which might have been the problem.  If that's the problem I must be trapping the lack of permissions correctly, but not finding the location (which sounds right).  I'm hoping that this fixes things, but I haven't had any problems with the weather loading... Did this get fixed?
Known issues that are still out there (from what Google tells me):
  • Null Pointer in the get Picasa images - not sure if this is the featured or your images.
  • Null Pointer in the billing service - this is google code for the extension purchase (which pisses me off).  If you get a force close when purchasing the extension, put your name in the log and email me.  
I'm sure there's more, but I don't have the time to list them now.  

*If it's this Lacy then it might be ok...