Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A cause for alarm

First, a little note about the update from Friday.  There was a small fix on the preference screen where I was trying update the GUI from a background thread (that's a no-no).  The other fix was that I sat down last week and wrote my own translation app using a combination of .NET, LINQ and Microsoft Translation.  Much like Desk Clock Plus, it was me writing up something to fill my need, so hopefully this will keep all the strings in sync with all the different languages.

Next, Scott left the following comment:
Worked great before the last update Doesn't open automatically when docked anymore. Have to manually open it now. Also, the alarm turns off after every update.
Thankfully he (or someone else named Scott) followed up with an email.  I think his docking issue is something at his end as nothing with that has changed with that ever.  (Update) I got another email from someone else who said that there was an update for the same device (Galaxy S) and after that he was having docking issues.

The reason point of this post is the side bit of information that Scott tossed in about the the alarm turns off after every update.  This was actually a really big thing to me... I had had another user in the comments state:
Dont rely on alsrm The clock is nice BUT DONT RELY ON THE ALARM. It only goes off about a quarter of the time.
That comment was made right around the time that version came out and there was a signification amount of code churn and updates being pushed.  If something is happening with the set alarms after every update then this comment makes a lot of sense.  I don't use the alarm feature of my application very often as I use it at my desk at work (hence the name Desk Clock Plus).  So, I've never set a recurring alarm and therefore never had a recurring alarm set when the application is updated.  As I said when Version 1.0 was released, the Alarm code was taken straight from the Google Source and honestly, I never took the time to review it / understand it.  I think my other two scrolling dock enhancements will have to wait until after this gets taken care of...