Thursday, May 7, 2015

In-App Update

So, last week's update for the in-app purchase only half worked.  It works so much that the purchase goes though, but then on the other side something is happening and the success message isn't coming through to the app.  I'm very sorry that it's taking me so long to figure things out.  My limited time has been even more limited this week.  To add to the frustration, I'm having issues testing the purchase process because as the app developer, I can't go through the purchase process.  Even that little thing would help me out tremendously.  However, I came across this little nugget:
One suggestion for a test device (Step 1) , for those of you that have a Nexus 7, is to set up your tablet with multiple users. I did that and made one of the users be my test user.
Adding a second account is a brilliant idea (and available on my Moto X), so that will be tomorrows plan of attack.  Hopefully, I'll have some better luck with that.