Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday

Looking at old posts, I realized that Desk Clock Plus was released today a year ago.  Over the past year it's come quite along way.  From new features, languages, fixed bugs I'm very happy and proud of my little app (it is just a clock after all).  The stats aren't crazy, but I'm pretty impressed by them:

  • 24,724 total installs
  • 5,540 active installs
  • 155 ratings (with a 3.8 average rating)
It's being used in a number of different countries as illustrated by this map of the users who have purchased the scrolling dock extension:

It's running on a number of different devices and apparently can run on over 804 devices including the new Galaxy Nexus...

A birthday wouldn't be complete with out an Ice Cream Sandwich...

A coworker of mine got a shiny new Nexus, so I had to Desk Clock Plus on it for him.  I also have it using the new "Yellow Flower" theme, which I remember doing a while back, but apparently never made available...