Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Next Batch

Version is now in the market.

Once again just a couple of fixes and enhancements

  • Dark Clock (Screen Saver) - I got an email from a user saying that the night clock no longer dimmed, but it did dim, just so very little  you couldn't tell.  When I incorporated the better dimming for the "Smoke" level on the main screen I changed it to take an integer (ie 30%) while the Dark Clock's dim was expecting a decimal (ie .30).  Yes it was very Micheal Bolton of me to misplace the decimal...
  • Dark Clock - I added an option to keep the screen on when in the Screen Saver mode.  Some people want it on, others want it off, so now there's an option.
  • Strings - I've had an on going error log pop up that I haven't been able to put my finger on.  It turns out (or so I believe) that when I did the string translation the substitution strings (minutes %s until alarm) got messed up and I think were causing issues with setting alarms.  I've fixed all of those and I'm hoping that goes away.
  • Translation - Sergio from Chile contacted me awhile back saying that my Spanish translations were off and that some did not make sense (this has happened before).  He offered to fix things up and those are now in place (there are some new strings that haven't been reviewed yet).  I wanted to tell Sergio 'Gracias' for his help!  This prompted me to put a link to this page asking for translating for other languages.
This leaves me with one other big bug left with the purchasing service, which someone left a note in the report that "wasn't even doing anything with it." which might mean that something is just not being set or caught correctly...

After knocking that issue out I've got these two enhancements for the dock extension:
  • Launch a specific app when removed from the dock.
  • Tablet Dock Mode by this I mean stretch the dock the entire width of the device and use a gallery for the icons.