Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The biggest update to the newest version is improved German strings.  Thanks to Johannes of Austria for reviewing and updating the XML files for me so they make a little more sense.  I've actually had a fair amount of purchases from Austria and Germany so hopefully this leads to more sales in that region... look at me using real fancy business lingo there!  

Speaking of Europe, the following comment was left in the market:

FAJNY, ALE Zawsze pokazuje temperature w st F bez wzgledu na ustawienia (GALAXY TAB)

Google Translate tells me that he said:

Cool, but always shows the temperature in F st regardless of settings (GALAXY TAB)

Which isn't 100% true, it was holding onto the last weather it knew (as per this update).  Since the first update was in Fahrenheit it stuck after the unit was changed.  Now when the weather unit is changed it will force a refresh to get the correct units.

I also fixed a minor run time error (causing a force close) that would happen sometimes where there were no images to be added to the pool. 

I'm working on a new feature for Scrolling Dock users that I'm hoping that I can get pushed out before Christmas, but I'm not sure that's going to happen...